Calming Heat

Calming Heat XXL By Sharper Image Weighted Massaging Heating Pad

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Special Offer

Ships by Jun 28, 2021

Calming Heat™ is the REVOLUTIONARY weighted massage heating pad. High-density comfort fill provides the perfect amount of pressure, soothing heat, and vibration for penetrating relief which helps relax muscle aches and soothes stiff joints.

  • 3 levels of heat.
  • 9 levels of vibrating massage.
  • Weighs 5lbs.
  • Covers a larger area than the 12-setting pad.

  • All versions of this heating pad have a 2-hour auto-shut-off system for the heat function and a 15-minute shut-off for the massage setting. The extra-long, 9-foot cord makes it easy to use wherever you want and the controller allows you to easily adjust the temperature and massage settings.