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HoomBand Bluetooth 5.0 is the first audio band that whispers stories to fall asleep faster.

Flat speakers
HoomBand's headphones are ultra-thin so you can't feel them. The Bluetooth 5.0 module makes it possible to read the audio content without a cable getting in your way. They're placed under a soft foam, which is itself concealed under a breathable fabric.

3D Foam
For even more comfort, the fabric includes a (thermoformed) foam, which itself encloses the ultra-thin earphones. At any time, you can remove this foam to adjust the position of the earphones to your ears.

Breathable fabric
Tailor-made from a technical 3D mesh selected for its softness and thinness. It regulates temperature and keeps your head cool. It is flexible, sturdy, and hand-washable (cool water).

HoomBand works like headphones and can be used with all your apps (Youtube, Spotify, Headspace, Calm, etc.) perfect for airplane or train travel, yoga, meditation, etc.